Sunday, January 20, 2013


Gracious Heavenly Father,
            Nature bears manifold witness to your power and divinity.  The universe is magnificent and glorious but it is only a dim reflection of its creator.  You are the original.  Your goodness, truth, and beauty are the real thing.  You are the ultimate reality and the ultimate blessing.
            You gave yourself to us and blessed us in Christ.  You made us die in him and rise again with him.  You are saving us now in him and will finally bless us with perfect union with yourself in him.  Thank you Father for this great salvation and for this great destiny.
            In ourselves we are not worthy to even stand in your presence.  We bought Satan’s lie that you are not to be trusted.  We doubt you have our best interests at heart.  But you sent your only begotten Son to submit to a squalid execution and so you proved that Satan is a liar.  You are the Creator and God of the universe and you chose to become the despised and broken victim on the cross.  Your act of appalling humility saved us.
            Please magnify your glory Father.  Make our worship please you.  Make us walk in your Spirit and believe you.  Make us know you, the one true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.  Amen.

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