Sunday, December 9, 2012


Gracious Heavenly Father,
You are glorious above all creation.  You made all the things in the universe but they do not define you.  You are yourself and only you know yourself totally.  You are so far above our understanding that we see only shadows and reflections.  Thank you for these Father, for showing us as much as we can bear of the truth about who you are and who we are.  Thank you for removing everything that stands between us and you.  You take our guilt and shame and fear and replace it with righteousness, honor, and glory.  Thank you that you will finally complete this work and wholly unite us to yourself.
Thank you for the way you are doing it now.  Only you know how to break us of our sinful thinking and attitudes.  We can’t do it ourselves because we can’t stand the pain.  We’re moral cowards and don’t love enough to hate our sin properly.  But you do.  You love and hate perfectly and know exactly how to make us into men and women who reflect your love, beauty, and holiness.  You perfect your power in weakness.  We are weak.  Here we are Father; do with us all your holy will.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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